Offer KIDS the key to theIr future

features is a platform that guides kids to discover who they are.

Give a class in the world the chance to explore the WIGUP universe, it is the best tool to help 9-14 year olds discover their purpose in life.

“The future of education and of humanity is to develop the 6 Global Competencies in young people from an early age ‘to engage the world and change the world’. WIGUP is one of the most powerful tools around to instill the Global Competencies in learners starting at age 9.”

Michael Fullan, Member of WIGUP’s Educational Advisory Board



You are passionate about creativity and you would like to give your students the chance to explore unique content and participate in a safe and powerful social educational network that focuses on youth humanitarian entrepreneurship?


It’s proven, WIGUP develops:

  • student motivation

  • global skills

  • respect of others

  • digital literacy

  • autonomy

  • organizational skills

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We will try to find you a donor who wants to offer free accounts to each of your students for a year.

You will receive a 30-minute online training session with our team to learn how to use WIGUP.

It is very simple!


WIGUP is a unique site that aims to help each young person discover their uniqueness in order to maximize their contribution to society. After more than 20 years of research, we have developed a innovative teaching approach that draws on the inspiration and creativity of young people to help them discover this treasure inside themselves.

Henri Salvador

Oprah Winfrey

Guy Laliberté

Deepak Chopra

Céline Dion

Sir Ken Robinson

Richard Branson

Jack Ma

You can sponsor students for a whole school year for 2,000 $CAD for 100 students. Each of these students will receive an account for the year. They will then be able to share their projects on the network and at the same time draw inspiration from the contributions of other students around the world.

Over the course of the year, students will have the chance to explore videos filmed around the world by our team of veteran videographers. All videos posted on WIGUP were chosen for their intelligent, inspiring and captivating content. These 3 to 7 minute videos will allow the students to develop their oral and written communication skills, as well as their critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, students will have to undertake a soCreative© (social and creative) entrepreneurial project towards the end of the school year to support a cause of their choice linked to one of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. On average, each student’s project will raise 20 $CAD towards their cause. Your investment will thus generate an equivalent return to create positive social change in the local, national or international community by stimulating children’s creativity..

To make your donation go further, for every class you sponsor

WIGUP will offer a free one-year subscription to an additional class in the same school

2,000 $CAD = 2,000 $CAD of positive social change!

As a donor, you will receive:

- the opportunity to talk with your sponsored class once a year through Skype

- a report of WIGUP activities during the year

- a PowerPoint style report of the WIGUP projects undertaken and the money raised through them

- a WIGUP t-shirt to thank you


To make your donation go further, for every class you sponsor WIGUP will offer a free one-year subscription to a second class in the same school

$ 0.00

You will receive a payment confirmation shortly, as well as the email of the teacher associated to you. We will find a class for you within a month. If we are unable to find a class that fits your requested criteria or an acceptable equivalent, the payment will be refunded to you.


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WIGUP, Analysis on its Impact on 21st Century Skills

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